Go Green Guide
Inspired By The Human Potential
Together on our way to a Greener World...
Go Green Guide
Inspired By The Human Potential... Together on a mission to make the world green again!
Join Our Mission:
How can we help you?
Our company name is Entran run by Jef Rijsdijk & Anton Bennink and inspired by The Human Potential.  Together we are on a Mission to Make The World Green Again.
The question is.....
 Will you be joining us on this urgent mission?
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Newest Breakthroughs
From perovskite to hydrogen gas, the 21st century has arrived in full force and it is taking its toll on our planet to the point of no return but  what can we do? We can make a change and a decision to choose clean energy!! 
It is crucial for our environment and the future of our planet that we begin implementing these changes now,  so that we can further develop the technologies that will exponentially speed up the clean energy transition. 
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Planting Trees
Our inspired partnerships with the Greenpop Foundation and One Tree Planted affords us the great honour and opportunity of assisting in the process of planting trees all over the world.
We are on a mission to make the world green again! Will you help us make a difference and become an ambassador for the planet?
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Life and time are the two best teachers. Life teaches us to make use of time and time teaches us the value of life. Walks along the beach, early morning runs breathing in the fresh cold air and late night strolls through the city, each of these moments  stimulate greater mental and physical health.  
Below you can read more on how to boost your mental and physical health by taking some time out of your daily busy schedule to enjoy nature whether it be a walk in the garden or a hike through the forest. Together we can make the world a cleaner and better place with our #Trashwalk challenge...
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How can we help you start your sustainable journey today?  
The sustainability products available in today's market have developed to such an extent that there are profitable solutions for everything and for everyone.
 Read more about the various sustainable products available  to our customers. 
LED Lights
How can you go sustainable fast and ensure that you won't be making bad investments along the way?

One of the first steps would be considering LED lights. By using LED lights you'll reduce your energy consumption in a BIG way. In a society sustained by light , we will assist you in making these necessities  sustainable and affordable.  
 3D light plan for the optimal contrast between light and dark...
50-70% savings on your energy usage per lamp...
 Great savings on your energy consumption AND your wallet...
Solar Panels
What is the best way to produce your own renewable energy? 
You guessed right, solar panels! There are constantly new developments and breakthroughs when it comes to solar panels and they have developed far enough for everyone to be able to make use of them and contribute towards a more sustainable future. Now ask yourself...are you investing your money in the right way? There are only a few investments with such a positive and stable return on your money as solar panels. 
 Produce your own energy...
 Independent from the energy giants...
 Great return on investment... 
Olaf Spronk is a well-known technical consultant
"Entran has integrity and assistance as a top priority..."
"The moment you get in touch with someone from Entran you'll immediately notice a genuine passion for realizing a more sustainable way of living. With expertise where needed, I am convinced that Entran can help anyone with their sustainability plans or ideas..."
- Olaf Spronk
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